Proposed FY-10 budget and Veteran issues

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Proposed FY-10 budget and Veteran issues

Postby VACharvel » Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:21 pm

I was reading the proposed FY-10 budget, and reading the parts about Veteran's and the VA specifically.

One that intrigues me is the one that will finally allow retiree's like myself the full benefit of concurrent receipt.

We're in a strange "no mans land" regarding benefits...up till now, we're viewed the same as "normal" retiree's, but we aren't eligible for our full retirement and full VA benefits at the same time, they are offset dollar for dollar.

My question is this, since I couldn't find it in the proposal. Will this be retroactive to a certain date or just start upon assumption of the new budget?

My retirement date was July 1, 2007 and since then, have had my retirement pay deducted and received VA compensation.


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