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Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:20 pm
by walter7922
HELP PLEASE served USAF MCGUIRE AFB 1962/66. I WAS CREW CHIEF ON C135 WAS AT TAN SON NHUT AB also DA NANG and CAM ROHN BAY SEVERAL TIMES DURING 1962- 63- 64- 1965 WAS THERE TDY.. VA DENIED MY AO CLAIM because not on DD214 records lost in fire 1973 at records storage depot along with millions of others..i am told I need a buddy letter from some one stationed there who remembers me they said just have letter that I was there pay records show tdy's but not specific as to where I think they just do not want to pay in my case time is running out due to diseases I have if any one can help thanks. I was assigned to the 1612th oms squadron MC GUIRE AFB NJ WALTER (SKIP) STAMP