Christmas 1966 in An Khe

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Christmas 1966 in An Khe

Postby gmg » Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:49 pm

On another site this came up and as promised I'm going to try and help out.

I was with B co 228th ASH 1CD for xmas 66.
I arranfed for the Denver Post to send a real Xmas tree and decorations over to B co. It was set up in the mess hall. I left VN on an emergency leave and left my cameras and photo's If any one has any pictures I would appreciate a copy. Or if you remember me and want to chat please get in touch

By "Denver Post", do you mean a VFW post, Richard?

Neat thing to arrange.

I wonder if they'd let us do the same for the folks in Iraq. Or maybe that wouldn't be politically correct or something.

Anyway, I could post your question on the FEN site, if you wish. Or the AFVN site. Might find someone who can relate. I wasn't there in '66.

An answer to [gmg]. The Denver Post is a large newspaper In Denver Colo. I wrote the editor and to my shock a group of the employees arranged to send the tree. It could not be mailed, b ut one of the papers employs was a National Guard pilot flying suplies to Danang. He put the tree on his plane and notified me when it would be coming. I made the trip to pick up the tree and took it back to An Khe. That trip was another Story. If you can post to other nets to help locate pictures I would appreciate it.

So, is there anyone out there that remembers the `66 Christmas in An Khe, Viet Nam, Republic of?

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