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OPERATION: ENDURING GRATITUDE (OP:EG) http://www.op-eg.org , a non-profit organization created to thank ALL Veterans on a daily basis is headquartered in Clearwater, FL and needs to raise the funds and awareness necessary to accomplish a variety of missions that we have identified as beneficial to ALL U.S Military Veterans Nationwide. Although we have numerous causes we have earmarked for another time such as the purchase of fishing and hunting licenses as well as camping permits on State and Federal land, we have to prioritize and feel we should accomplish the following two missions first.

• “OPERATION: VETNET”, -To enlist a network of retailers and service providers that will share our vision and become members, supporters, sponsors, and/or underwriters by agreeing to provide a discount on services and products to our US Veterans while proudly displaying the VETNET sticker next to MasterCard and Visa on their front door. Legally identifying our VETS is paramount to the success of VETNET.

• “OPRERATION: V.I.P. (Veterans Identification Program)”, - Upon discharge, 95% of Veterans receive a Department of Defense form (DD-214) which is the only documentation of their service to country. A DD-214 is much like a birth certificate and is not carried around by VETS. State issued driver licenses and ID cards will allow merchants and vendors to easily identify a United States Military Veteran nationwide. Ohio’s Governor, Ted Strickland is this first governor to sign this into state law. http://www.op-eg.org/news1.htm .

The reasons I am approaching the Discovery Channel are numerous. To begin with, the program concept proposal is one that would address the history of the motorcycle’s role in the Military starting with WWI. While the motorcycle’s story is being told, custom motorcycles are being manufactured by Master Builders representing each Branch of Service (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard) as well as one concept motorcycle for the Enduring Gratitude mission that depicts all the conflicts the U.S. Military has participated in. The building of the six motorcycles would be documented by the Discovery Channel. After the motorcycle are finished, they would tour major motorcycle rallies throughout the United States for one year with recognition going to the Discovery Channel as well as major sponsors covering the cost of the construction of the bikes. At the end of that year, the motorcycles will be either auctioned or raffled off with the exception of the Gratitude motorcycle which would be used as a marketing tool to tour the country to help raise further funds and awareness needed for the success OPERATION: ENDURING GRATITUDE.

The six bikes would tour and be marketed as the R.A.V.E. (Recognizing America's Veterans Everywhere) Motorcycle Series.

• I am confident that OP:EG can raise the funds to manufacture a unique set of motorcycles from government contractors.
o These six motorcycles will be unique in all aspects i.e.…sidecar, fuel tanks, forks, seats, carburetors, rims and such.
o The vehicle and trailer that transports The RAVE Motorcycle Series throughout the United States will display the Network's and Sponsor's logos prominently.
o Sponsors and Advertisers will NOT be a problem for RAVE.
o We most certainly can defray costs with donations i.e. the engines and man hours.
o I am fully committed to this cause…the rest of my life.

If I could just be given a chance to speak with someone in your organization, I can go into greater detail as to why we need to raise the funds and awareness of OPERATION: ENDURING GRATITUDE so that OP:EG can succeed. Our FaceBook page can be viewed here http://www.facebook.com/pages/OPERATION ... 7872051420

Kindest regards,

Dan Garza
Executive Director
Clearwater. FL 33763

[url]http://op-eg.org/news1.htm :!:[/url]

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