Veteran falsely accused in conservator

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Veteran falsely accused in conservator

Postby GraceShue » Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:08 am

Know of any services that can help
this poor veteran been locked up
sing July 2006 by a L.A. police marshall
who self-confessed to be a nazis and a fascist.
Vet is now in El Monte, Ca therapeutic facility
named El Monte. His name is John Matthews
phone no. 626-5759605 (patio) or 5759984 (inside).
He is concerned about losing his house, etc.
Unable to phone out.
His West L.A. doctor Scott Saunders (aka Jim)
is no longer at that VA hospital to verify and
help him out.
Know of any VA attorney services that can assist
him? He can pay off from his disability funds which
he receives every month.

Thank you friends,
Grace Shue
Nov. 7, 2006

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