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USATogether website

Postby mrwickey » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:58 am

From VA Public Affairs Office...

Dear PAOs:

I have a really exciting Website I'd like to share with you called, ( The Website reaches out to the community to address the unmet needs of injured combat veterans from all eras. In short, USA Together unites injured service members who need assistance with the people who want to help them. The program was launched locally, but has been successful in spreading nationally since last year.


Any service member or veteran who was injured, wounded, or became ill (including PTSD or TBI ) as a result of their military service. People managing the site will ask for relevant documentation related to the service-connected condition. USATogether will work with the service member or their contact to discretely phrase the nature of the injuries on the site, if needed. In a few cases they have even used general funds they have to address certain requests without having to post publicly if that is required. The site has posted and fulfilled requests from Hawaii to Massachusetts and requests are being met faster than they can post new ones.

Their challenge is not finding community businesses to pitch in and help, in fact, their biggest challenge is finding service men and women who have unmet needs and getting this information to them, so they can post their request. We know they are out there .


This could include anything from a new dishwasher to child care to plastic surgery. Anything they need. There is NO cost to the veteran, other than a little time. Again, it is a very simple process and even a case manager or family member can post on their behalf, with consent from the Veteran of course.

I have known Dave Mahler, who is the site's founder, since the beginning of his venture -- his heart is in the right place and his efforts are to benefit injured veterans and their families. I will vouch for him with no hesitation - our social workers and case managers have worked successfully with them as well.


Contact Dave Mahler at: [url][/url]. He also has nice brochures he can send you. I know he would be happy to help in any way.


If I haven't convinced you yet, here are links to two recent NPR and CNN stories about the site and I attached a Chicago Tribune story.

Please help get the word out -- I know there are hundreds of Veterans who could use the help, they just don't know where to go.

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