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On a technical solution to Germ & Chemical Warfare

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:49 am

I don't like to participate in forums much and probably won't be back here after making this shameless plug which is not really an advertisement.

The website I run is devoted to spread of the idea that we can achieve a true continental defense at a grass roots level right now (Grass roots because, as most vets know, Government and those who hire & fire the generals are often incompetent twits!).

Secondary to that, I work to prove that it ain't quackery. I refine that quackery in livestock and pets. Cancer in people and dogs is a hobby interest.

The MDYNE website is set up as a content site with more FREE information than you can digest in a week.

On it, you can gain a vision of how to defend America and troops abroad from SuperFlu, how to better defend the soldier against chemical warfare, and you're free to spread those ideas around among veterans and active military.

The defense plan is all ironed out. Though badly unready to deal with strains that can wipe out around half the country in a week, we can engage and squash SuperFlu right now -- at least in my own locality of 63,000 people. If we're in the mood to keep jackasses alive, oh, I suppose the vets and I out here might try to save California. We really don't care to, though! :? Save the lives of Washington D.C. politicians or East Coast liberals? Hah!! Don't make me laugh. This nation's ability to defend itself against SuperFlu sucks bigtime and I have zero morale or enthusiasm for the matter.

So, it's up to you guys to save the day! :wink: I focus strictly on saving my own small town and maybe California kooks at best. Maybe. Just maybe! But I'm always prone to letting it all burn. You might want to study the plan sometime because, at this rate -- for all the millions and billions poured into the DoD Biosecurity racket -- there is no defense against germs. None as good as what we have going here, and so here's the real nightmare scenario: ONLY CALIFORNIA FRUIT LOOPS MIGHT ACTUALLY CRAWL OUT OF THE RUBBLE SOMEDAY TO RULE YOU ALL! :twisted: Seriously. I set it up that way to motivate the idiots in Washington and Virginia, but you copycat the California Defense Plan pretty easy by stealing it on-line. It's all FREE.

Chinese Intelligence, the Ruskies, the moslems...oh, they all read my blog seriously more so than Pentagon. At least gets them thinking we might actually have a defense going -- because we do a little and in more places than I now know. Or, maybe we don't at all. I dunno. Keeps em' wondering. What they do know is that, whatever they throw at us, this country can defend against -- if we ever pull our heads out of our asses. Makes 'em wonder if attacking or encouraging attacks upon us will be all that productive rather than suicidal. They know it ain't quackery. Pentagon knows it ain't quackery.

You'll also get the straight scoop -- as best I can figure it at the time -- in regard to the quackery I love most. That might tickle your interest in the subject and help you navigate to better physicians more able to deal with many of your existing CHRONIC ailments -- Vietnam Vets and Agent Orange symptoms, Gulf War illness; Vaccine damages; Cancer; Chronic illnesses; Arthritis. I deal with an unconventional and blacklisted system of Medicine which helps nicely with all of that. Cure is a very difficult objective and most those in my field are not capable of that in many cases. Generally, they do better than Conventional Medicine if you follow the quack selection guidelines on the MDYNE site. If you teach yourself everything on the MDYNE site, then you'll know how to double check the quacks tinkering on you, Conventional or Unconventional.

Intense propaganda and devious lies out there don't want you to know the truth -- kinda like we weren't supposed to know about Agent Orange. Meanwhile, about 90% of the twits globally into this quackery are a strange brew of old and neo-hippies making it often into New Agey drivel. All that makes any mention of even the name of my field tend to have people leery, and so I don't mention it just yet. Gotta bait you here! Build suspense! Unveiled when you visit the pages.

Now, if you do visit the link below, I promise that you'll get a wild view to almost insane ideas on Continental Defense. And, while you start to suspect it quackery, consider that it was Mother Teresa's favorite form of Medicine; Also General Rommel's favorite medicine for his troops. It's studied and pushed in rather tame fashion by DoD scientists at the moment. Some active Navy SEALs and others use it all the time.

In other nations, it's not quackery at all. It's the choice form of Medicine for the Queen of England and also Prince Charles. It's been the friend of American presidents and kings for a couple centuries now, but is based in medical ways actually thousands of years old -- just drowned out in modern times by Commercial Medicine. But, most of all, the idea that such quackery can defend a continent against epidemics is nothing new at all. Historically, our craft has well defended Europe, Russia, and the United States, too. All just truths of history well revised and blockaded these days.

The MDYNE site has nothing to sell you. If you have a cancerous dog in need of experimental help, I do charge a $50 deposit -- $40 refunded for any reason within 30 days of case intake; All $50 refunded if the animal dies; And all that is if I select your dying dog for case intake (which sometimes I can't if busy). I prefer dogs in poverty and the typical farm mutt likely to be put down rather than one seeing chemo. I don't want all these pampered pooches engaged in Doggy Yoga because they make crappy research cases.

At the time of this writing, only our click-thru Google ads work. The CPM and audio ads littering the site are not yet functional. Hopefully, when they do come on-line from now through Feb 1, you won't be subjected to Taco Bell chalupa ads...but it's always possible. There are links and ads on the site to various vitamins, remedies, supplements, and other things where we get a small cut. All of that and a couple little publication sales in the future are how we help keep the page going and offset advertising costs. But, there are presently no books for sale. No services for sale. Nothing commercial pushed at all. Public service and FREE ideas on national security for the bulk of it.

At the moment, ad revenues tally up enough to buy me a beer about once a month! In the near future, who knows but hopefully a lot more. As for the shameless plug here and advertising, based upon traffic studied to this site, if some 4000 of you eventually clicked on the link below, probably that'll feed me enough to buy a couple beers. So, for forum admin, I wouldn't exactly call it commercial advertising done here, though I do place the shameless plug.

Like most advertisers and spammers posting here, I might make this my only post. That has nothing to do with this vet site, but mostly I'm busy. One can make a full-time job of responding to forums, emails, and all that. Then, there are the forum flamers and I have a bad temper that sometimes is too intense on the keys. I just avoid forums and email where possible.

It's stuff vets should think about and spread around. If just one of you learns how to keep yourself, family, friends, and local areas alive...that's a start. Usually, I find the rest of society is far too apathetic, selfish, and generally illiterate for these matters. Veterans at least care. I target vet groups and a couple others as a strategy -- mostly vets. I really don't like anyone else and, to vets, I don't really need explain that.

Happy New Year! :D

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 4:05 am
by gmg
CinC of HQ-CONQCOM, I'll need a bit more time to go over your site, but on the basis of style alone I'll let this stay up for our members to check out.

I can't promise we'll allow this once we've done a complete review, but for now I've instructed our team to let this ride.

Sounds good.

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:43 am
No sweat. No strain. Enjoy the read and thanks for letting it ride! Do whatever you think best. It's a free country and it is your blog! :lol: It's way past my bedtime now anyhow.

See you around!

Some references

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:10 am

Though the propaganda calls it quackery, here is a link to a bibliographic list of DoD-related research into the quackery I love most!

...Check back later. I have a laser reflection experiment going in proof, once and for all, that this stuff is useful in keeping animals and people alive under chemical attack. The quackery -- if refined right -- might someday allows us to give soldiers and civilians maybe 10 minutes or more to don protective gear and extract while in a chemical weapons environment. One thing I do is kill fish and try to keep them alive with my quackery in learning how to do that.

See you around!

Re: On a technical solution to Germ & Chemical Warfare

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 3:23 am
by paparoch
It may be useful for everyone in the future.