Compassion for fallout victims

Transition and Soldiers Coping with War Experiences.....

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Compassion for fallout victims

Postby Lightfoot » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:04 am

Compassion is advancing in the world today. Celebrate it with me?

Compassion for fallout victims.

Fukushima fallout far flung,
An Asian orange sunset sky,
Twelve more died, cancer of the lung,
Water bring a soft lullaby.

Loss felt deep, the truth seldom heard,
Advantage Veterans Today,
Deep insight to criminal herd,
Of old world politics in play.

Abysmal corium defeat,
The Water Story I would sing,
A fallout orphan seldom greet,
Anything worth celebrating.

Plant a seed of more brotherhood,
That fallout poison seldom would.


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