PTSD Veteran Needs Assistance - Hero Alert

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PTSD Veteran Needs Assistance - Hero Alert

Postby JohnAllen » Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:44 am

I just received this note from a fine wife of a hero

To all who are concerned,

My name is Anna M. Davis. I am the proud wife of Robin Eric Davis and the mother of our two sons, Jacob and Dalton. Robin is a wonderful man who served his Country during Operation Desert Storm. He is extremely proud to be a United States Air Force Veteran, his most revered accomplishment. However, due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Conversion Seizure Disorder, he is 100% disabled and unemployable at this time.

Let me tell you a little about my husband before PTSD reared its ugly head nearly two years ago. Although he had signs and symptoms for years, it worsened in January of 2005 to the point he could not work or even be left alone. Before this happened, he was active, worked long hours, played hard with his kids and made plenty of time for fund raisers for several local families. The first Benefit he put together was for his cousin Clay Thompson who was a United States Marine and also served in Desert Storm. Clay had a wife, an infant son and he was dying from Leukemia. Robin had a second benefit for Clay's family after Clay lost his battle with Leukemia in August of 2002. Robin was also very active in the Fortville American Legion Post 391 before he became ill. He organized a "Rally For The Troops" in Fortville in April of 2003 which was a huge success. The rally culminated with a parade down Main Street and the singing of the National Anthem while everyone gathered at the town flag pole. The third fundraiser that he was involved with was for a little girl named Claire Tatom who was dying from a rare brain cancer. Another huge success raising thousands of dollars for the family. The last benefit Robin and I organized and executed was in April of 2005 for the family of a childhood friend of mine, Police Officer Craig Herbert, who tragically died in the line of duty March 6th, 2005. He left behind a wife and two young sons. Robin has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. He has not only raised thousands of dollars for these causes, he gave people hope at times they had none. He did these things to help ease their pain.
The purpose of my letter is to ask you to help my family. The VA in Indianapolis has promised Robin the treatment he needs and deserves, but has failed for over a year to follow through. I realize that they are inundated with patients and I know that their system is not perfect, but this does not ease our frustrations and concerns. I am asking that if you know how to help us in any way, please do not overlook my cry for help. I need to network with as many people and organizations that I can. The VA tells us that Robin needs weekly talk therapy to get well and that he CAN get better, but they do not have the staff to accommodate him. If you know of a Doctor who specializes in PTSD and would be willing to treat him, because we do not have insurance outside of the VA, please contact me right away. We are also looking for a service dog trained to alert him of his seizures, not to mention the companionship and independence a dog would provide. The problem is that the VA has told us the waiting list is 3-5 years long and to purchase a service dog ourselves would be anywhere from 5-8 thousand dollars before specific training.
Robin's long term goal is to get well and eventually help as many Veterans as he can. That is where his heart is and mine as well. The last few years have been extremely difficult and painful for our family. The first year was spent trying to figure out his illness and get an accurate diagnosis...seizures, panic attacks and migraines daily. Thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Bowman of The IU School of Medicine, Robin was formally diagnosed with PTSD and Conversion Seizures but we still have been unable to make any progress due to one road block after the other in the VA system. I pray that you will find it in your heart to help my family. My Husband missed our son's Pre-school graduation, football and basketball games, family get-togethers; all due to his service connected disability. He has missed many beautiful and sunny days with his boys because he is lying in bed too sick to even lift his head. Our goal as a family is to find the answers and resources we need to ensure that he doesn't miss anything else!

My one and only Christmas Wish this year is to get my Husband the help he needs and deserves. I also worry about the Soldiers coming home from Iraq and their families. I know that PTSD is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. I am also fearful the Men and Women coming home from Iraq will not be effectively treated based on our own personal experience. I know we are not alone and our situation is not unique. I pray for all Veterans and their families. We have to find a way to improve the system, find the staff and help our Veterans! They deserve it!

Please help my voice be heard on behalf of my husband, my two sons and all Veterans. My husband is my hero and I love him so much. I have never known a more patriotic person in my life. Despite the fact that he is very ill almost daily, he does not regret for a moment his service to our great Country. I love him for that. Please help my family in any way you can. God Bless America and All who Defend It!!!!! Please keep this going and we will find the answers we desperately need!


Anna M. Davis

If anyone out there can assist or know someone who can, please contact Anna asap.
John P. Allen

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