Did the DPRK Provoke the Latest Act of War?

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Did the DPRK Provoke the Latest Act of War?

Postby gmg » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:20 am


While it is best to keep an open mind about who might have provoked this latest artillery exchange, it becomes hard when one considers the provocative acts by the DPRK over the years. And I'm not referring to the sinking of the ROK warship earlier this year. I am going back to the explosion in Burma. The two DPRK airline terrorists that were caught, one surviving and now living in the ROK. And the list goes on and on and on. The Ax Murders.

The leadership of the DPRK most definitely has blood on its hands. So what about this time?

Well, one thing that is absolutely clear, this is a very, very serious matter. I think there are a few world leaders that are very nervous right now.

And for those that may feel the topic title is leaning toward provocative language, one must consider two points. Firstly, the war is not over. Secondly, if you fire artillery shells over a demilitarized zone into the opposing forces territory it would seem you are trying to restart the conflict.

Whatever ― it is still a very, very serious business no matter how one wishes to portray it.

Let's use the BBC for starters for information.


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