Complaints, Issues, and Concerns about the Veterans Administration Hospitals.

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Postby robertdeming » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:01 am

Get your records!

The VA got mad at me and my medical records were "suddenly" lost! True. Ask *** in Tucson if he knows where they are!

The VA now keeps most stuff on computer. This is a joke. Make sure your watch what they put into that computer when you visit. They have been known to "lie". I can prove it in my records.

You are entitled to your records. Read the rules. Get copies on a regular basis and review them. Bitch if there are errors of lies.

Don't trust anyone at the VA Hospital. NO ONE!!! Not the techies, doctors, nurses or secretaries. They will lie.

So...the VA is supposed to keep records for about 99 years, your civilian doc purges records on an average of 7 years. Get your records.

In some states you are entitled to your records prior to leaving the office visit. Don't let them charge you unless it is the state law that they can. Find out.

Keep in mind. Just because that doctor put something in your record when you saw him/her or the nurse, it can be removed from the paper record or changed and it can also be removed or changed on the computer. PERIOD!

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