Complaints, Issues, and Concerns about the Veterans Administration Hospitals.

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Postby robertdeming » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:15 am

Have you ever been issued wrong meds?

I was issued a drug that could have killed me or possibly really screwed me up.

If you get a pill you are not sure of check it out on the internet. The internet has sites that describe the drug and what the pill looks like and what it says on the pill.

I was supposed to get a blood pressure pill and got something else. I screwed up. I took it back to the pharmacy. They said they would investigate. They didn't. Keep in mind I know lots of employees at the VAMC in Tucson. I've been going to that joint since 69.

If you get a pill that is wrong report it to the DEA and get a report. Report it to the medical board. The person that gave you that pill got a license from the state. Not the VA.

These idiots only work for the VA.

To credit some...yes there are a few good ones. But don't trust them because you like them.

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