Complaints, Issues, and Concerns about the Veterans Administration Hospitals.

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Postby robertdeming » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:22 am

I was overdosed by the VA cardiologist in Tucson. His name is Dr. ***.

I ended up in the University Hospital (the sister hospital to the VAMC). I had to be taken off the drug and had to stay there.

Read about the drug on the internet. Be very careful with any heart med. They will kill you! I almost died. Really!

The VA would rather give you a pill and send you home then treat you. Why??? It cost to much to make you well so they will let you die to keep the budget down.

They have these "spot awards" in the government that recognizes those that save the system money.

Your patient advocate gets "spot awards".

Admin Edit: We must respect privacy rights and we do not presently have any information that would lead us to believe that the doctor that was identified by name above is a personage of distinction already known on the Net, or by the general public nationwide. We ask our members to be please be careful regarding privacy rights. It's everybody's responsibility, not just the Moderation Team. Thank you.

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