Complaints, Issues, and Concerns about the Veterans Administration Hospitals.

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Postby robertdeming » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:33 am

The comedian "John Ritter" died a few years ago.

The VA gave me drugs and said their was nothing wrong with me. They said I was "faking" it. They said I would not cooperate. The said I was a trouble maker. They said they wanted me out of the hospital and put it in writing.

The did all this because I bitched. I have records that prove that I was sick and they didn't care. They didn't treat. The didn't test. They overdosed me. This is typical at the VA and emergency rooms in civilian hospitals.

They said I was obsessed with my blood pressure.

I had Blue Cross and Blue Shied and Medicare. I went to a civilian doctor (and had to demand an x-ray). He finally gave in.

Days later I was in surgery for 9.5 hours for a condition that was first realized 2 years prior. I was lucky. John Ritter died from the same thing.

My aorta is not dacron. I have more dacron in me then a pair of pants.

The doctor that did the surgery was Joe Coselli in Houston. I wouldn't let the VA touch me. Read about Joe on the internet and if you need heart surgery go to him. He is one of the best in the world (not just the USA).

The VA refused testing, called me names and said I was faking it to get attention!!!

Thank you Tucson VAMC...you were going to let me die.

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Tucson VA

Postby JonW333 » Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:45 am

After being MEDIVAC'd out of Afghanistan while in support of OEF, I was sent to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona for treatment. Everything was so overwhelming for me that I choose to end my life. (I know.) I was found 9 hours later on the floor of my room. I spent the next three days in a Civilian ER. I was discharged while still coming in and out of consciousness. I was then sent to Tucson VAMC, where I spent the next 4 days taking medication and sleeping. Two days after my discharge from the VAMC I was medically retired from the military.

Good job. Thank you so much. I feel used. I feel like a sellout. I sold my entire life for 18 years of Base Pay and three squares a day. I can't sleep and have the social skills of a square peg. I'm broke. I wasn't this way before. I wasn't this way during. But near the end, I wanted everything to end. To this day, I still struggle with "How can I end this?"

Almost 18 years of service in the Infantry - Army, 3 tours - Desert Storm, OIF3 and OEF.

No one knows the cost of sacrifice until they have sacrificed. :evil:

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Re: Tucson VA

Postby gmg » Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:04 am

JonW333 wrote:


I feel used. I feel like a sellout. I sold my entire life for 18 years of Base Pay and three squares a day.


Well, it may not be much consolation, JonW33, but your service is of a lot more value than base pay and three squares.

Your service allowed a whole bunch of folks to continue living in a style they felt was proper for them, whether good or bad. Don't sell yourself short.

The "military machine" may from time to time spit upon us who have served, but the republic is still much better because of your/our service. That may not seem like much, but it is. It's everything.

Now, this business you wrote up there about wanting something to end ... well, I wouldn't mind a bit more of your feelings served up. Whether it's here on the forum, or in an email message to me, or a PM. Something about that choice of vocabulary worries me. In fact, it may very well be that it worries some of our other members, too.

Remember: "Life is short. Don't make it shorter."

Freedom isn't free!

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