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A Joke A Day

Postby gmg » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:43 am

I'm thinking that when we start getting thousands of members an hour here (Now, that's funny!) we may have a problem with too many topics/threads in this sub-forum, so how about we set up some topics/threads for constant posting?

This one can be the catch-all. You know the ones that don't fit under "Military Humor" etc.

Let me try one.


A young man boarded a subway that was filled with people holding onto the overhead straps. When reaching up he accidently bumped his elbow into the breast of a very lovely lady. Red-faced he turned and after fumbling around for the right words he finally said, "I am so sorry, but if your heart is as soft as your breast you will forgive me." The young woman smiled and replied, "If the other part of your body is as hard as your elbow I'll give you my address."

Freedom isn't free!

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