Can You Help A Fellow Veteran?

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Can You Help A Fellow Veteran?

Postby fajata9746 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:40 pm

Hello Fellow Veterans,

I would like to come before you all and ask for your help. I served in the Army during the Vietnam era. I served with the 414th Signal in Fort Meade, MD, deployed to German and the 8th Division in Bad Kruenach, German. My MOS was 71B, 05F, and 91B. I just turned 69 this year and I would say that my life has been very fulfilling. I thought I would reach out to see if my fellow veterans would lend a helping hand. I am attending Strayer University located in Tampa, Florida. I was notified about two months ago that I had exhausted my subsidized and un-subsidized loans starting the winter quarter which will began in January 2016. I actually have 12 more classes to complete before I receive my degree in Business Administration.

Each quarter, two classes and books usually costs between $2907 - $3000. Upon my initial registration as a student at Strayer I was awarded a graduate fund, which gives me the opportunity to take up to six free classes and just buying my books. In the meantime, I will be responsible for paying over $1000 plus book/supplies fees. This is my problem, six months after I have graduate I will have to start repaying my student loans and it is quite a bit. I have to make sure I make those payments in a timely manner too. I do not want to become a problem for the government. Receiving Social Security and VA Pension, well, they will not hesitate in deducting their money should I neglect to make those payments, which I am not considering. I have been searching for other means of financing the completion of my degree and has not been successful. Time has expired for my GI Bill, so as a veteran, there does not seem to be too many options available for me.

I thought maybe if I reached out to some of my fellow veterans and asked for your help it I was also preparing to open a small business here in Florida, selling Little Jimmy's Italian Ice. My business name is Ice Dreams (featuring Little Jimmy's Italian Ice). I would be traveling around the state of Florida with at least two push carts attending different events such as fairs, sports events, flea markets, etc. There are many senior veterans in my area who I would be interested in hiring on a part-time basis. This would be an idea form of income for myself and others to help with our limited incomes.

If I may, I would like to ask some of you who are in a position to donate $1, $5, $10 or whatever you may be able to send, I would be so very grateful. My email is, if you have any questions or you need verification of some information please, feel free to contact me. I have an account with paypal, if you are familiar with this organization. If not, an account can be opened free of charge in order to send any funds to another account, If its just loose change, that would help also. I do not need a lot. As I mentioned before, I have 12 more classes to take before I graduate, and I would only have to pay for, hopefully, only 6 and the remainder will be financed by the school so the cost for me would be maybe a little over $7500 and the help to purchase two push carts plus the equipment and products necessary for the business would be around the same amount. Once again, I would like to thank you for at least giving me the opportunity to forward this post to those who may be interested.

God Bless,

Faye J. Taylor (my name was Faye J. McMillian during my time serving in the military)

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