Flu Season--2006 Announcement and Updates

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Flu Season--2006 Announcement and Updates

Postby gmg » Tue Oct 24, 2006 5:39 pm

I know, I know: “I get sick from a flu shot.”

Probably best if I turn this over to some folks at Brown University.


The flu vaccine is strongly recommended for:

 People who want to reduce their risk of getting the flu
 People with chronic disorders, including diabetes and asthma
 People with kidney problems, anemia or immunosuppression
 People planning to travel out of the country during the winter
 Health Care Workers, students working in healthcare or childcare

The vaccine will not give you the flu. The flu vaccine prevents 60% to 70% of flu cases. Receiving the vaccine allows your immunity to peak during the flu season - late December to early March. Side effects are mild, usually a little soreness at the injection site. Infrequently, you may develop a fever, chills or body aches within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine. You cannot receive the vaccine if you are allergic to latex, eggs or thimerosal (a medication preservative). If you are sick, have an acute respiratory infection or have a fever, you should delay getting the vaccine until your symptoms are gone.


And for more health information here’s one link: http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/H ... th/flu.htm.

But the doc’s tent is the place to go when your skin, bones, or organs (well, skin is an organ) need a maintenance check.

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