A vet tells all about his torture by U.S. officials after 30 years...

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A vet tells all about his torture by U.S. officials after 30 years...

Postby Informant » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:44 am

This is not what you think it is. He was tortured on U.S. soil for being a whistle blower. Prepare to be angry https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress ... eful-fact/

This link gets deleted regularly so you may have to check a few times. His situation today is not much better than 30 years ago. See here...
http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com I admire the guy for not backing down even when people are trying to smear him.

If the link pops up as an "Ooops - Nothing here" it was hacked. In that case try this back door route... http://tortureinameric.blogspot.com/ or click the topic on the right about "American Citizens Are Tortured On American Soil For Years – A Shameful Fact."

The guy wrote a book about all he witnessed but federal agents stole his book manuscripts at gunpoint in front of people without a warrant. What the fuck do we fight for as vets if we can't even have freedom of speech in America?

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Re: A vet tells all about his torture by U.S. officials after 30 years...

Postby Veritas » Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:29 pm

Apparently this guy has been victimized by the system quite a few times which is probably why he sought sanctuary in Canada - maybe to finish writing his book? But according to accounts at other forums two days after he visited the Toronto office of Amnesty International, his family home in Canada (his wife and kids are Canadian citizens) was stormed by a swat team headed by an American agent. But the arrest was made, get this... by Immigration Canada! Why? Because Immigration "detainees" do not have many rights and Bruce was held for 10.5 months in maximum security detention with any charges or indictments filed against him in any country!

Then the evil really kicked in and the U.S. filed a false extradition claim with Canada since Bruce refused to return to America and "cooperate" without a written guarantee of 24/7 protection for him and his family. According to an affidavit of Toronto lawyer Marshal Drukarsh, verbal assurances were given but agents refused to put them in writing with a signature. How do we know the extradition was fake?

Why Bruce Gorcyca’s Extradition Was Fake & Illegal:

Legitimate Extraditions:

• Seek people that are indicted for a crime(s)
• Provide “Charging Documents” as required by law/treaty
• Identify names and number of victims
• Identify the dollar amount of the crime (if a fraud)
• Allow the person sought to testify on their own behalf

Bruce Gorcyca’s Extradition:

• Not indicted for any crime in any country
• No victims every identified
• No dollar amount of the alleged stock fraud
• Was not allowed to speak to judge or allowed to testify
• No charging document were produced at hearing and were later fabricated 5 minutes before the Appeal proceeding began so they could not be verified or challenged 2 years later.

Note: When Bruce was finally returned to the USA 8 years later he was not arraigned nor indicted because “no file could be located on him”. He was offered “time served” if he pleaded guilty. He refused. Judge Jack Weinstein dismissed his “charges” on December 17, 2007

Unanswered Questions:

• Why was Bruce, an American citizen married to a Canadian citizen with Canadian children arrested by immigration Canada and held for 10.5 months when he had no charges filed against him and entered Canada legally with his own passport – even after Adjudicator William Willoughby gave him a voluntary departure order?

• Why were 11 of Bruce’s 12 immigration detention hearings held in secret closed door hearings when the law dictates all such hearings must be open to the public?

• Why were Bruce’s witnesses being threatened, and why was not even on of 9 alibi witnesses in Ohio including the wife of a Congressmen contacted to verify Bruce was in Ohio, not Florida as the American government alleged. An Ohio dentist even had records showing a tooth extraction with dated X-Rays.

• Why was Bruce denied his request to take a polygraph examination?

• Why was Bruce censored every time he mentioned government corruption, torture, murder, rapes, or his whistle blowing actitivities?

Here are more details on this situation which were made worse by another one of Bruce's lawyers name William Gilmour, who himself was arrested for child abuse, and then suddenly started to "misplace" evidence! (Really - he told the court "I seem to have misplaced those documents") http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com

Now Bruce is exiled in China against his will and people have threatened to kill his family if he tries to return to North America and his wife of 17 years has been terrorized with shootings like this one here at here home in Ontario, Canada.


This can all be better explained by reading this which I found online at http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com which gives some insight into who is most worried about Bruce becoming a witness and why. He last worked for an American government cut-out company named American Financial Group which had ties to the Bush family and General Noriega.

Maybe this is what his book was about and that is why the feds seized the manuscripts? See here: https://persecutingwhistleblowerswitham ... s-present/ From this sample chapter it looks more than "interesting". I also found this this letter in the court files from a Canadian newspaper reporter...


The last anyone heard from Bruce was this open letter he posted online http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-lett ... ian-family

I notice that a lot of people are trying to smear this guy online but most all of it is BS and I was able to search the court records online and find that this is his background info:

* Honorably discharged military veteran (USCG)
* Former fortune 500 executive
* Former U.S. Treasury agent
* Former U.S. Justice Department employee
* Former air traffic controller
* Trilingual
* Registered organ donor
* Volunteer civic leader for 7 years
* Volunteer Salvation Army house parent
* Volunteer AIDS counselor
* PADI Scuba Instructor
* Uni Grad with 3 degrees
* Married 17 years with kids
* Volunteer Little League Coach
* Mississauga Food Bank Volunteer
* Volunteer kids soccer coach
* Volunteer Santa Claus for orphan kids
* Pilot
* Worked undercover for IRS & FBI

This guy needs help and he's not going to get it from anyone in the American government. He has not seen his wife nor young children in 4 years. Is there any American whistle blower who has not been punished by Uncle Sam? I'll sign off by leaving you all with one last court record I found that gives some hint about what government crimes this guy reported to deserve such isolation and 2 murder attempts...

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