NH CRIMES against Veteran 8-4-08

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NH CRIMES against Veteran 8-4-08

Postby usmcsgt » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:58 am

NH CRIMES against Veteran 8-4-08
Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
The New Hampshire government wants this disabled Veteran stopped. The Director of the NH Veterans office at 275 Chestnut St Manchester NH has made it his goal to use this 100% disabled veteran’s medical care to stop me. The newspapers and news media refuse to cover the facts. Condemn and destroy a disabled veteran. No one will believe the system is so corrupt, to do these criminal acts to a disabled person, never mind a 100% combat related disabled veteran.
I am running for District 21 NH state senate. The newspapers believe that they have the right to censor my platform from the people. The people have a guaranteed right to know whom I am and what I believe in. My actions and words are the most important part of a free election. My opinion as the opinion of all the people must be expressed and spoken freely and with out fear of censorship or reprisal. How can any newspapers not want to inform the people whether the editors like my words or not.
Correcting the wrongs in government is everyone’s responsibility. The NH government is allowing the Madbury selectmen to use the power of government for their personal revenge against local residents. Judge Fauver used the courts and law to protect the selectmen’s criminal acts from being made public. These are crimes against the Constitution by Judge Fauver. The State of NH used jail to silence my free speech when I refused to stop making these criminal acts public. A U.S. congress woman from NH used my service connected medical disabilities to take my freedom to stop my free speech. The Director of the NH Veteran’s admin at 275 chestnut St stopped my medical care to silence me. The Boston Globe ( a newspaper) in writing told me to commit suicide before writing another letter to the editor. The NH VA director told me suicide was one of two options for me. NH Governor Lynch sends the state police to my home to tell me NH would prefer my suicide. The VA uses the VA suicide hotline to push me toward suicide. The VA suicide hotline uses the local police to harass my family to push my suicide.
Do you not think suicide has been on my mind since I returned from the Vietnam conflict in 74. I think of suicide not for what the United States is doing to me, but because I came back to a society that can not accept the acts I committed as a U.S. Marine for the United States of America. We come back to a society we do not belong!
The sad part is this 100% disabled veteran (even today) volunteers to help others to make life better for everyone. Because I have never asked credit or recognitions for my volunteer actions, (it is a repeat of the hippy girl that spit on me and called me a baby killer at the San Francisco Airport when I returned after my 31 months over seas) you ignore NH killing me. I do not want credit or recognition even now.
I am running for District 21 NH state senate because I care about the people not the position or power. The news media has allowed the NH government to harm a disabled veteran and no one cares because of censor ship. Keep the public blind to the facts and hopefully the veteran will die first. There is no medical help for me because the VA stopped my care. The NH government has taken my health, freedom, money and more. My letters expose criminal government actions and the only way that NH can stop me is to silence my free speech. Was it suicide or murder committed on the NH people by stopping my candidacy? Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi

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Re: NH CRIMES against Veteran 8-4-08

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