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Be Straight With Us

Postby gmg » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:39 am

We will brook no fakery here. Do not even think about trying to fake us out because it is not even remotely possible. Our Moderation Team has Vets, and we have a lot of members that are vets and we don't take kindly to folks who may try to hand out bovine excrement advice.

It is sad this first post has to sound like this, but I've seen some weird nonsense on the Net over the years when it comes to Vet issues and I hope to set the matter front and center here right at the beginning as a warning.

I reckon that's enough. Probably too much, eh?

I just thought of something -- links.

The same thing will go for links. We aren't restricting you from posting links, but we have a Moderation Team and if a majority of the Team feels the link is offering bogus advice or services we will remove the link and send you a PM and email.

We will not hold it against a member if it appears to be an honest error, or just a difference in a point of view.

We will also listen to requests for a review of decisions.

All for now.

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