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Patriots Revolt Movement

Postby JohnAllen » Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:02 pm

This message announces the formation of PATRIOTS REVOLT, a movement to reach American Patriots who want "America Back". If you believe John McCain and Barak Obama are the wrong choices for President of the United States, then this message is for you.

PATRIOTS REVOLT is focused on steering presidential selection to a candidate that is conservative, has an ear for the people, in an effort to restore American values and common sense given us by God and our founding fathers. WE WANT AMERICA BACK

PATRIOTS REVOLT is a bold, out of the box initiative that some have already written off as fantasy...don't you believe it. For sure, it will take millions of patriots to sign up in support and there are tens of millions of American patriots that indeed support what you will read in this message.

Their web site is at
John P. Allen

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