Dept of VA has forbidden voter reg. drives in its buildings?

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Dept of VA has forbidden voter reg. drives in its buildings?

Postby bdb4269 » Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:41 pm

Below is verbatim from a Rock the Vote Email.

I was outraged when I found out the other day that the Department of Veterans Affairs has forbidden voter registration drives in its hospitals, rehab centers and other facilities.

This ban hurts thousands of young veterans who have been injured while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We should be helping our veterans register and vote, not making it more difficult.

Last week, the Senate introduced a bill to overturn the ban and allow states to require V.A. hospitals to offer voter registration to their clients.

Will you join me and ask your Senator to co-sponsor the “Veteran Voting Support Act”? ... age&id=107

Banning the most basic act of democracy from Americans who have fought for our democracy just doesn’t make any sense. We need to stand up for our veterans--especially for the thousands of young veterans who are eligible to vote in their first presidential election.

Please contact your senators today.

Heather Smith

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