Tips for gain more cheap rs gold in Runescape Easter Island 2016 Rsgoldaz

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Tips for gain more cheap rs gold in Runescape Easter Island 2016 Rsgoldaz

Postby deadmanmo » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:36 am

Easter Island is similar to the other holiday events, which you must do to get your holiday items. Suggested by Lights01 on the old school rs gold forum, sounds like a interesting quest to have, read on and take a look.

Easter Island, a colorful island that has appeared from nowhere. There you will find the Easter Bunny who will greet you. As youare catching up, or getting to know, an Easter Chick will run to the Bunny and tell him the Chocolate Kebbits have escaped, a horde of Baby Chocatrice have escaped into the Baby Jadinko nursery, and worst of all the Easter Bird has escaped and is flying around the Island tormenting the other Easter Chicks.

The Easter Bunny then ask you to help. Then you start your task. Well, let's start with the creatures in the Island.

Chocolate Kebbits, they can be found running around a small cave with cages and hammers. The player can choose to catch them or smash them into bits, either way you collect the remains and pour them down a nearby shoot.

After finishing the Kebbits, you will run up to the Chocolate filled Volcano. Here you will find that the Baby Chocatrice are chasing the Baby Jadinkos. You will notice that the Chocolate Kebbit pieces are now in a nearby barrel. You now have two choices, capture the Baby Chocatrice and return them to their pen or you talk to the Baby Jadinkos and convince them to eat the Baby Chocatrice.

Either way you must use the potion to turn any Baby Jadinko victims back into their nomral selves. When you finish you will once again be confronted by the poorly disguised figure once again having another chat before escaping.

Nor finally run to the beach to find the Easter Bird. Talking to the Easter Bird to find out that the chicks skipped out on feeding him and now he's desperate. Two choices, you can fish in the nearby ocean for Gielinorian Fish or you can poke around in the sand for Gummy Wyrms. Once you collect/kill 15 of the chosen resource, give them to the Easter Bird and he'll agree to get back to work.

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