Free E-Book = Shepherds of Life = 330 Conservative Poems

The poetry of Tom Zart, syndicated war poet.
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Free E-Book = Shepherds of Life = 330 Conservative Poems

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Conservative Poet
Tom Zart’s
Shepherds of Life
330 Poems


Shepherds of Life is for all ages a special collection of thoughts, history, and human emotion. Its stories are easy to consume and they rhyme.
It has a God given magic that touches the human heart and soul. Its poetry creates a mental picture for all who yearn to comprehend life.
Most readers will discover it's content will impact in a positive way, their view of mankind. It is truly a gift from a higher power to a humble poet and servant.

Most Published Poet
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The White House
March 16, 2007
Ms. Lillian Cauldwell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Passionate Internet Voices Radio
Ann Arbor Michigan
Dear Lillian:
Number 41 passed on the CDs from Tom Zart. Thank you for thinking of me. I am thankful for your efforts to honor our brave military personnel and their families. America owes these courageous men and women a debt of gratitude, and I am honored to be the commander in chief of the greatest force for freedom in the history of the world.
Best Wishes.


George W. Bush


You can hear all of Tom Zart’s 330 poems
of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at



Tom Zart

Soldier For The Lord
Poet and Author of
Love War And More
225poems published by Publish America;
SHEPHERDS of LIFE e-book 330 poems,
CD “MEMORIES” 28 poems with music
by Bill Crain for sale on the web under
Tom Zart and or Bill Crain.

It's appropriate and symbolic that the romantic poet Tom Zart was born on Valentines Day in Topeka, Kansas in 1945. His youth confronted adulthood many times by working on the family farm or helping his parents in their business. In the early fifties family roots were planted in the famous Plaza section of Kansas City which was walking distance to nearby Westport. He lived there for six months of the year then went to work on their 140-acre Bonner Springs farm the other six months. It was a learning experience that proved invaluable to The Westport Poet.
Westport is a historic section of Kansas City, Missouri renown for its modern nightlife and shops and its noble past as a trading post, a transportation hub and a civil war battle. It was in Westport, amid the war memorial plaques, the fountains and nature that Tom wrote his first poem, Thunder In The Ground, a civil war ode to the men who died in the war. His inspiration came from an inscription on a civil war memorial.
Zart's poetic endeavors soon began to proliferate along with his subject matter. Tom, an addicted romantic, and history buff, began writing poems about love, religion and patriotism. His early inspirations came while working at the railroad for 30 years. Zart would utilize his time on those long railroad trips gleaning all that he could from his senses: the haunting sound of the train, its whistle and the long hours gazing out at the sunset and the pastoral settings fleeting by, of farmhouses and cities whose inhabitants he would never know.
He took notes of his coworker's experiences, especially the veterans who told their stories of the horror of war and their sacrifice in World War II, Korea, and especially, Viet Nam.
The Westport Poet lived vicariously in their spirit and told their stories in his poems. Tom Zart, who has a distinctive God given vocal talent, would recite his stories and poems at various social events and bistros around the Westport area. His audience was always enthralled and he soon was in demand and they named him-The Westport Poet.
His abilities have not gone without notice. He has been published by numerous magazines and his poems were featured weekly in over 215 newspapers across our country with an estimated readership in the millions for approximately 5 years. Tom has performed his poems live on radio shows from New York to California and by Divine intervention has become = The Most Published Poet On The Web.

SHEPHERDS of LIFE Author: Tom Zart Reviewer: Bill McDonald – President of the MWSA A Poet’s thoughts, on history, emotions and more…Normally you pick up a poetry book and it may run about 50 to 80 pages but not the man who is called “SOLDIER FOR THE LORD." Poet Tom Zart gives the reader their money’s worth of poetry in his fine collection called “SHEPHERDS of LIFE" His book, of 330 poems, is filled with the thoughts and emotions of a dedicated poet and his vast spiritual tastes for life. His prose runs the gauntlet from relationships, battle, butterflies, and even one that ends the book called “Katrina,” about what happened in New Orleans. My favorite poem in his collection deals with turning 60 years old since I can relate to that experience. His poems are easy to read and more traditional in nature, as opposed to all those beat and new age writings that flourish in newer poetry books. It is readable by all mature family members and thought provoking at times. His war poetry covers everything from Pearl Harbor and D-Day to present day battles. He honors Soldiers and Sailors and our nation through many well thought out pieces of prose. There is something of interest in his collection of poetry for all readers. This is one of the most assorted and diverse collections of poetry ever assembled in one volume. For poetry lovers this will be a great book to acquire. This book is given the MWSA's highest rating for a poetry book - 5 STARS!


1. God’s Poets
2. Pathways
3. Christmas Is Coming
4. The First One To Love Me
5. Pleasure Seekers
6. Alcoholic Hobo
7. We Wish You Were Home
8. David And Goliath
9. The Reunion Prayer
10. Soldier In The Rain
11. Sad Dad In Jail
12. Black Powder Bridge
13. Tell The End of Time
14. Our Mother's Love
15. She's My Buddy
16. When You Love A Mean Woman
17. The Crew
18. I Won't Be There
19. The Fever of Fear
20. Jesus
21. What Love Means To Me
22. The Missiles Are Coming
23. Thunder In The Ground
24. Never Be Afraid To Be Proud of America
25. Freedom
26. One Man's Prayer
27. Darts of The Devil
28. Cowboy Code
29. Little Baby
30. Kansas City
31. The Dream Tree
32. My Regrets
33. Some Day
34. My Private God
35. My Love of Life
36. Honey Moon Cruise
37. Old Age
38. Letters
39. Bitter Enemy
40. Flowers
41. The Madman
42. God Must Love People In Love
43. A Good Poem
44. Mamma
45. Troop Ship
46. My Wild Rose
47. Man
48. Life
49. Friends
50. After Death
51. War
52. Eyes of Love
53. Love
54. Autumn
55. Winter Snow
56. Adversity
57. Dawn
58. The Prayer
59. Rainy Days
60. Stars
61. Twilight
62. Dads At War
63. He Who Fans The Coals of Hate
64. Lover's Toast
65. Character
66. The Hanging Tree
67. Ancient Art
68. American Pioneers
69. Flight
70. The Civil War
71. My Wife
72. Families
73. Advice
74. Time
75. To Have And To Hold
76. Spring
77 Slavery
78. Soldiers
79. Our World
80. Tears
81. Night
82. Youth
83. Bravery
84. Adam The Lonely
85. Smile
86. Football
87. Kansas Frontier
88. Soldier For The Lord
89. Hatred
90. Poetry
91. The Coal Miner
92. The Gardner
93. D-Day
94. Happiness
95. Muffled Drums
96. Pearl Harbor Day
97. Conflict
98. The Murderous Hand of Man
99. Night of Nights
100. D-Day, The Wall
101. Credit Card Christmas
102. Rain
103. Labor
104. Winter
105. Some Men Pray
106. Wealth
107. I Remember
108. Korea 1950
109. Bullets And Barbwire
110. Midway
111. Survival
112. Wine
113. Baseball
114. General Washington
115. Happy Riders
116. Thanksgiving
117. General Quarters
118. Okinawa
119. The Presidency
120. Planting Flowers
121. Liberty
122. My Changing Years
123. That Old Covered Bridge
124. Boxers Past And Present
125. Fame
126. Roses
127. Without Love
128. Justice
129. The Pot Farmer
130. Body Heat 105
131. Getting Over Her
132. A Man's Best Friend
133. Hollywood Woman
134. Double Trouble
135. The Seed of Love
136. September 11th
137. Conscience
138. Our Lady
139. Patriots
140. Good And Evil
141. Retribution
142. Riches
143. Sorrow
144. Besides Love Men Need Fishing
145. Christmas
146. My True Love
147. Poet's Wife
148. Brother Against Brother
149. The Littlest Solider
150. Snow Bound Birth
151. Grace
152. Our Flag
153. Troubles
154. America 1606
155. Leaf On The Water
156. Noah's Ark
157. The Signs of Spring
158. Man's Spirit And Soul
159. Friendship
160. Love of Country
161. Wisdom And Knowledge
162. Golf
163. Forgive Me
164. The Battle
165. Rodeo Rider
166. Columbus
167. The Final Solution
168. Veteran’s Day
169. Battle of the Atlantic
170. Parting
171. Radio
172. Sex
173. Pretty Woman
174. The Songs of War
175. The Just And Unjust
176. St. Patrick
177. My Hero
178. P.O.W.
179. The Stones of Love
180. Why
181. The Battle For Baghdad
182. Earthman
183. Love & Hate
184. One More Time
185. The Moon
186. My Hope To Find Love
187. I'm Ready To Go
188. The Curse of Man
189. Medals
190. Satisfaction
191. Israel
192. Halloween
193. Pumping Iron
194. Miracles
195. Saddam
196. Who
197. The Armor of God
198. The Mystery of Prayer
199. Bugles
200. Stress
201. Politicians
202. Hummingbird
203. Integrity
204. Butterflies
205. Money
206. Formidable Foe
207. Sometimes
208. Garage Sale
209. Peace
210. The Selfish
211. The Hinge of History
212. Abraham
213. Someone To Love
214. We're On Our Own But Not Alone
215. Jobless
216. Jesus Is My Master
217. Sixty
218. Together
219. Faith
220. Greed
221. Trees
222. Birds
223. Aliens
224. Katrina
225. All Poets Serve a Master
226. Divine Intervention
227. Forever More
228. Passion
229. Should Tomorrow Start Without Me
230. Shoulder To Shoulder
231. The American Soldier
232. The Greatest Lesson One Can Learn
233. The Power of Poetry
234. Contentment
235. Few And Far Between
236. Whispers of The Heart
237. Wings of Heaven
238. I Think of You
239. The Loneliness of War
240. Loveless Weekend
241. Wherever The Big Fish Bite
242. If I Told You I Love You
243. The World of Man
244. Thank Heaven For Heroes
245. Fruit
246. Mystical Journey
247. Sharing
248. Masters of Verse
249. Shakespeare
250. Christmas Lights
251. It Breaks My Heart To Catch You
252. Kennedy The War Years PT-109
253. The First Thanksgiving
254. Martin Luther King JR.
255. Where Wars Are Won Or Lost
256. Gold
257. Edgar Allan Poe
258. So Dear To My Heart
259. River Fishing
260. The Laws of God
261. The Fortress of Love
262. Whispers
263. Married Sex & Romance
264. Mothers
265. Love And Electricity
266. Jamestown 1607
267. Jonah
268. Fly Boys
269. The Alamo
270. Pirates
271. Coffee
272. Please Don’t Forsake Me
273. Sacrifice, Transformation, And Unrestricted Warfare
274. Sons & Daughters of World War III
275. My Favorite Poet
276. I Who Have No One
277. I Lost My Way
278. Satan’s Horde Shall Be Removed
279. Becoming American
280. Honor
281. Momentary Courage
282. It’s Not The Last Days of Man On Earth
283. The Day Of Jehovah Is Near
284. Jesus Is A Fisherman
285. Fellow Americans
286. Love Consumes All
287. Passion And Love
286. To Be Blessed By Love
288. Sensations
289. The Boxer
290. The Joy I Feel
291. I love Being Loved By You
292. The Distortion of Man
293. As The Madness of War Tells Its Story
294. The Rainbows of Autumn
295. Enchanted
296. The Magic of Sleep
297. The River of No Return
298. Alexander The Great
299. We’ll All Reunite In Time
300. Heaven’s Heroes
301. American Policemen
302. The Last Goodbye
303. Poets Are The Bell Ringers of The Soul
304. Heaven’s Gate
305. Moms
306. The Hornets of Hell
307. Broken Hearted And Busted
308. Relationships
309. Planting Trees
310. Like A Lily among The Thorns
311. The Mad Dogs of Man
312. A Scornful Woman & A Selfish Man
313. Into The Teeth of The Dog
314. Teachers
315. God Loves His Soldiers
316. What Kind of Man
317. Where Are The Good Men
318. Shepherds of Life
319. I’d Rather Be Loved
320. I’ve Loved Too Many
321. Unyielding Honor
322. Wisdom Is Everlasting
323. God’s Test of Hearts
324. The Power of Words
325. Running From God
326. Make It Plain Preacher
327. Two Worlds
328. Hope To Be Home By Christmas WW III
329. The King of Christmas
330. Success


The prize jewels of any nation
Are the philosophers of the heart.
How they think is universal
For it’s God who makes them so smart.

Most poets tell the truth of life
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose
To compose is but their duty.

Poets have no reason to lie
When the truth is always so clear.
All that others say and do
Is but food for the poet's ear.

One merit of a poet's work
Which most people can’t deny.
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

God sent his poets down to earth
With words of wisdom and of worth.
That they might touch the souls of men
And bring them back to Him again.


Lord, I'm so lonely, I thirst everyday
In search of the love I need
like a man in prison with no warmth at night
A slave who seeks to be freed.

For I need a woman who will heal my heart
So my life won 't seem so wrong.
I’ll lie down beside her and gamble again
Then sing of our love in a song.

Remember, young Adam, your first favorite born
Who slept in your garden alone.
You took form his body and transformed some flesh
Then gave him a woman unknown.

Whichever the pathway I should choose to take
I realize that there will be brambles.
For the man who has visions everyday of his life
Will always be the same who gambles.

To heaven I pray, for my treasure of life
After searching the deserts in vain.
I’m tired of mirages from fool-hearted women
Please give me someone who’s sane.

May her eyes be turquoise with cheeks like peaches
Ripe and ready to risk.
Soon they’ll turn rosy when she sneaks a peek
To the tingle of where I kiss.

Though I will love her, I shall never follow.
Nor will I ever lead.
I'll walk beside her and share all I have
For the children who spring from seed.

If we should argue about foolish things
I 'd rather be loved than right.
Then when I lie down at the end of my day
I'll sleep with a smile at night.


Christmas is coming and I'm all alone
With no one to snuggle at night.
My wineglass is empty to help dull the desire
To kiss you by soft candlelight.

A rare pearl of value, you don 't leave alone
Or someone will steal them from you.
After they've gone and flown far away
It's hard to know just what to do.

I'm watching my neighbors hang lights on their tree
With tinsel and striped candy cane.
I took you for granted and didn't hug enough
And now I must suffer my pain.

Lord, I'm so lonely; I wish I could die
Then be born to relive again.
I realize the value of someone to love
And the danger of my selfish sin.

There's a ring on my phone and a knock at the door
Which do I dare go for?
If neither is you, I'll break down and cry
And again pound my fist on the floor.

I run down the hall and the doorknob turns
As the swirling snow rides on the wind.
There, in my doorway, it's the face I love
Such a beautiful present to send.

Now, I am happy and dancing around
With a permanent smile on my face.
As children are singing their Christmas love songs
And the world is a wonderful place.


The first one to love me was you; Lord
And nothing can take that away.
My soul is refreshed by living water
While my heart flows with love each day.

I thank you for the love of my family
And I thank you for the love of my life.
I thank you for all of the blessings
You give to each husband and wife.

Your glory rides high on the sunsets
Your voice is the thunder of rain.
I thank you for all of the heavens
And Jesus who came to be slain.

I feel when your eyes are upon me
As you listen to my humble cry
You've redeemed the soul of your servant
To dwell in your mansion on high.

I’ll claim each and every promise
From the Lord of the earth and sky.
I'm so glad I’m free from my bondage
Of the grave where my body shall lie.

I thank you for parting the darkness
And guiding my footsteps each day.
I thank you for being my shepherd
You've walked with me all the way.

I know your armor protects me
From the devil in search of his feast.
And all who are lost without you
Shall dwell in hell with the beast!


That road of pleasure seeking
Has so many deep pitfalls
And all the while we walk on it
In the distance the devil calls.

Some folks drink those bubbly spirits
Or smoke that tall green weed
Anything to dull their conscience
As they sow their wild oat seed.

I've been no angel in my life
Though I fell from a righteous shelf
When I took those risky chances
And tried both, many times, myself.

Now I'm tired of being foolish.
So I sing my songs at church
With one eye on my hymnbook
And the other free to search.

If you're yearning to love someone
Let's get together and seek no more
Kiss and fondle by the fire
And push pillows across the floor.

For we need love, health and money
And may we live to enjoy them all
Before we 're old and in our autumn
And our leaves begin to fall.


I'm just a hobo, who hides on the train
I've got me a bottle, which feeds, on my brain.
All I once owned has been stolen or sold
All I have left, are my memories of old.

I had a fine house, a family and sports cars
I threw them all away for whiskey and bars.
I do most my dining from dumpsters and cans
What you would call garbage, I eat with my hands.

I'm just a sad soul, the saddest in town
Sometimes I look like a sick circus clown.
I lean on a lamppost in the bad part of town
In search of a doorway, where I might bed down.

I dream of those bands that played in the park
And all of those ladies, I kissed in the dark.
Those days are gone now, like the setting of the sun
I’m just an old stallion that can no longer run.

Deprived of those blessings I once had in life
I now bust my bottle and use it for a knife.
The blood of my veins shall freeze on the street
Where tomorrow they’ll find me at my defeat.


I remember that fair in September
As we waited for a Ferris wheel ride
Just as you reached for my fingers
I felt how I loved you inside.

The next thing I knew we were airborne
Above all the eyes of the crowd
Surrounded by rainbows of neon
As the moon popped from behind a cloud.

You asked, "daddy, do you love me"
I answered I couldn’t live without you.
Then you reached up and tugged on my collar
As we flew in that chair painted blue.

Now you are grown and gone
And have marched away to war.
As I'm writing this letter
I yearn for your knock at our door.

I got out some rags and the wax
And gave your old Ford a rubdown.
I went for a ride of remembrance
While its mufflers made your favorite sound

I drove by the park to ponder
Those ball games we loved to play.
I can 't help but worry and wonder
If you'll ever come home to stay.

Your girlfriend still teaches school
We see her every seventh day.
There's no doubt who she thinks of
When she folds her hands to pray.

Your mother still talks to your picture
As she works at her sewing machine.
I hope my son you realize
How much to us you mean.


David, the shepherd, a tender of sheep
Would pray to his God before he would sleep.
One day he awoke to the roar of beasts
A bear and a lion in search of a feast.

David slew both with his knife and his hand
Though still just a boy and not yet a man.
The Lord's love for David was proven once again
When he challenged the champion of the Philistine men.

Goliath’s beastly fingers and hideous toes
Made David more selective with the stones that he chose.
One for the giant, he knew he would slay
Four more for his brothers who were laughing that day.

The giant told David, "I'll tear you apart
The birds and the animals shall feast on your heart."
David yelled back, "I’ll soon see you dead
And when I’m through I’ll cut off your head!"

The worst of all men, drew high with his arm
Came forth to David to do him great harm.
The youth jumped ahead just as quick as a lynx
A stone from his sling popped the giant where he thinks.

Blood and bone spewed forth as that devil fell down
A thousand pound soldier lie dead on the ground.
With Goliath’s own sword David chopped off his head
Then took it to Jerusalem to prove that he was dead.


Someday they shall dig my hole in the ground
In an old-fashioned graveyard just outside of town.
The trees there are ancient and so are the stones
The people beneath them are just dust and bones.

The last time I went there with a fistful off flowers
I took the time to reminisce for one or two hours.
I looked at the carvings, on granddad’s gravestone
"Here lies an outcast who died all alone."

A robber of trains, and a buster of banks
He took all their money and never said thanks.
Then there was grandma who taught Sunday school
She said that Satan had made him a fool.

My mom and dad lie there side by side
I remembered the fire the night they died.
Then there was you, dear, who I love most of all.
I sure wish your heaven had waited to call.

I’m getting old now and most my bones creak
It even hurts me just to walk down the street.
I'm so feeble, I'm ready to go
I pray for reunion with all those I know.

Lord, won 't you grant me a favor of sort?
Please send me your angles to take me to court.


I’m just a soldier who stands in the rain
My memories of home are what keep me sane.
Back home is a land of milk and honey
Ruled by lust and love of money.

But, what can I say, when I serve her true
For I volunteered to see this war through.
Now, that I’m here, it's hard to believe
We're just the victims of those who deceive.

As darkness falls on the rice fields of Nam
Scared men with rifles walk the shadows of the calm.
It's thousands of miles to the steps of my church
With its stained glass, steeples and lost souls who search.

Off in the distance I see an arc light,
Bombs being dropped on children at night.
I've seen that evil they call the "yellow rain"
And how life withers when it's sprayed by a plane.

All of my buddies have been taken away
No more touch football will they ever play.
Zipped in their body bags for the long trip home
Are some of the bravest, I've ever known.

War is a hell, devised by man
There's death in the sea, the sky and the land.
Lord, I can’t help but wish I were home
Back with my love, whom I hope is alone?


They put me in prison for the deed I've done
I killed the drunk driver who crippled you, son.
Your mother, my wife, she died in the wreck
That's the reason I broke that man's neck.

His dad was a rich man, who pulled lots of strings
So well connected he could do many things.
I live in this hellhole with all sorts of men
I’m sure glad most like me and call me their friend.

The food here is so awful, I've lost many pounds
I'd rather feast on the vittles the guards toss the hounds.
At night we play cards and you don't dare cheat
For if you get caught, you’ll be stomped on by feet.

Most inmates fashion some sort of knife
To help out their odds in a fight for their life
I took me a padlock and snapped it on a chain
Then hid it in my pant-leg to keep from being slain.

I get to see you on our family day
The worst part about it, is when you cry as you play.
Many times you question, "Dad, when can you leave"
As the tears from your eyes drop to my sleeve.

Our visit is now over as they wheel you away
I whisper, "I love you" and you see what I say.
It's time to go back to my one-room, shared cell
And try to write a song about a sad dad in jail.


A courier rider hands his papers to me
They are instructions from Robert E. Lee.
I am advised now is the time
To stop the troop movement on the Rock Island line.

I muster my men and they load up the boats
We powder our pistols and darken our coats.
Traveling the currents, the sun slips from sight
As brave men with a purpose have gathered to fight.

We capture a bridge before the moonrise
The Yankees who are here shall soon feed the flies.
The evil of war feeds on my brain
As I light the fuse to destroy a train.

Above us a trestle of timber and tar
As we pull our oars for a willowed sandbar.
From the banks of the river; we watch it approach
There's shadows of soldiers, in the windows of a coach.

With a burst of bright yellow and a roar in my ear
I hear them scream as they're falling in fear.
The river is boiling in steam, steel and stems
Back home their families shall soon sing funeral hymns.

The one lone survivor was a red stallion stud
I lassoed his neck and freed him from the mud.
As I ride in his saddle beneath the stars that shine
I pray for forgiveness and some peace of mind.

War is a lesson we‘re eager to learn
When man has that fever to murder and burn.
Lord, please forgive me for what I have done
For all those I've silenced were some mother's son.


I feel like Samson pushing the stone
For I gave into love and now I'm alone.
Betrayed by a woman, I gambled and lost
And now I suffer what disloyalty cost.

Samson was blinded by the blade of a knife
After his capture by the love of his life.
Imprisoned forever and forced to grind grain
To spectator laughter, the whip and the chain.

The same so am I, a victim of chain
For I’ve too many memories of you in my brain.
Together my darling from a window we shall peer
It will be from heaven both faraway and near.

The heirlooms of tomorrow the woman and the man
Waiting for our ashes to sift through the sand.
I will love you always, till the end of time
Now and then dreaming of when you were mine.


Our mother's love like a candle
Burns brightly upon the shelf.
As she lights the way for all others
Never thinking of herself.

Seven little kids in a farmhouse
By my moms hard work survived.
Through her love and faith in Jesus
We learned how to struggle and strive.

The lilacs still bloom by the window
Where our mom would quilt and sew.
In the winter she'd sing by the fire
To the tunes she thought we should know.

Our father labored at a quarry
In the dust of the earth every day.
He worked so hard for his money
For the bills our family must pay.

Little sister came down with pneumonia
And almost died in bed.
Our momma lie sick beside her
Putting cool rags on her head.

We were sure glad to see daddy's face
As he drove up our driveway
He ran up and into the house
Then knelt by their bed to pray.

Oh, Lord, please save my family
From the fever that burns within
For we have always loved Jesus
And will serve Him till our end.

Our mother and sister survived
But daddy, he died long ago.
When it's our time for heaven
We’ll see many that we know.


Adam and Eve lay beneath the stars.
I wonder if their love was as strong as ours?
Darling, I love you, I’m not afraid to say
Our love just grows with each passing day.

I was afraid our love would grow cold
That’s what I’ve always by others been told.
I’m glad they were wrong, so I sing this song
For you are the woman to whom I belong.

Without your concern I have nothing at all
There’s no one to help me should I take a fall.
I need your love it builds up my pride
Bolsters my ego and stands by my side.

Many men still search for someone like you
Case to find a good woman isn’t easy to do
Lord, I thank you for the love of my life
For she is my buddy as well as my wife.


When you love a mean woman it hurts down deep
In the middle of the night when you find you can't sleep.
I remember those times we kissed in the park,
Covered by moonbeams and stars in the dark.

You told me you loved me and would never run away
Though now, there's another with whom you play.
Somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong
Somebody show me before I've waited too long.

Other women I've met, they remind me of you,
It makes me afraid of what they might do.
But life without love isn’t living at all
Everyone needs someone who waits for their call.

I thirst for a woman who will love me again
One who needs both a husband and friend.
Dear Lord, I pray for my angel of love
So I may fly high on the wings of a dove.


We're just a railroad crew
Racing down the track
Far from our families
Who will kiss us when we're back.

We're running by the river
She’s flowing muddy brown
Everywhere, someone
Hears our haunting sound.

As we glide across a silver bridge
Above the Mighty Mo.
What we'll see when we look down
We never really know.

Behind us on those rolling wheels
Are a hundred cars of coal
If we should jump the rail
Then God shall judge our soul.

When we reach the station
We’ll head for the hotel
Crawl in bed all by ourselves
And dream until the bell.


It‘s true; I've been sleeping with a looser
And it's been going on too long.
I've prayed for the courage and, now I have it
To sing you your farewell song.

I won't be there in the morning when you need me!
I won't be there when you call on the phone!
I won't be there in the bed beside you
As you lay by yourself alone!

Too many times at night I've cried
Wondering why you won’t just come home.
Staring at the clock on the wall
As I lie half awake by the phone.

For so long it was enough that I loved you
Though now my heart needs more.
So, I've packed up my bags and my pictures
And I'm on my way out the door.


Cannons are bursting hot metal from the ground
Soldiers are looting and burning our town.
The fever of fear rushes through my veins
As too many Bluecoats jump from troop trains.

Smoke from hot barrels is swirling around
As four thousand muskets volley their sound.
All of my comrades have stopped a lead ball
Most cry out, then stumble and fall.

Even the young lad who carried our flag
Now he lies dead as he clings to that rag.
Wagons with the wounded trail blood on the ground
Death and destruction are easily found.

The Generals are crying cause they can't stand defeat
But it's always the soldier who dies on his feet.
Horse hooves are pounding on a bridge made of boards
As the sunlight reflects from the blades of their swords.

Quickly I hide out in the roots of a tree
Where the dirt has eroded and there's just room for me.
After dark I sneak out with the cover of fog
Then float down the river, as I cling to a log.

Songs of their victory, ring out through the night
While from the cold, muddy water, I see their firelight.
It makes me remember my old country church
Where the preacher spoke God's word from his holy perch.

That the seed of all conflict began in a cave
When man, like the wild wolf had to prove he was brave.


There once was a traveler who was driven out of town
On His shoulders was a burden that pushed Him to the ground.
On His head was a crown made of thorns from a bush
And the street was so crowded the guards had to push.

They stopped at some sandstone at the top of a hill
There was a round hole the cross would soon fill.
They made Him lie down upon that wood cross
There they nailed Him to prove who was boss.

The beam was up-ended by the muscles of men
As it plunged down the hole it was carved to fit in.
Then Jesus looked up at the lightning that flew
And cried, “God, my Father, they know not what they do.”

They crucified our Lord as his blood flowed to earth
If inside you believe, you feel what love is worth.
They wrapped Him in loincloth when He was taken down
Then carefully removed His scarlet stained crown.

They placed Him in a cave with a large, round, stone door
Before sealing forever, they lay lilies on the floor.
It wasn't very long, and the stone was rolled away
For Jesus resurrected, to rise on Easter Day!


I know now for sure what love means to me
It’s a chance to be needed and to give happily.
For I’ve felt what it’s like to be sad and alone
And wish for that someone I could call my own.

It’s just like young Adam when he lost his rib bone
God gave him Eve, so he wouldn't sleep alone.
When a man loves a woman, there’s many lessons he’ll learn
As she respects him, her favors he’ll earn.

One thing for certain, when your thoughts are for real
As you hug and you kiss, you love how you feel.
Some live a lifetime just a step from love
You are that person who gave me my shove.

The world has both givers and those on the take
Life can be bad if your love's a mistake.
I can't help realize how lucky I've been
For you are my wife, but best of all, my friend.


I stare at the dust as it tries not to fall
Swirling in the sun streams from the windows on the wall.
Down in the valley ring lonely church bells
Sounding their message as the devil’s brood swells.

The missiles are coming though I can’t tell you when
As they drop down upon us our lifestyles shall end.
You can hide underground or fly far away
Their lingering fallout will find you someday.

No more small children shall toddle off to schools
Because of mistakes of grownup mad fools.
Believing in space men and the ships, which they fly
You can bet as it happens, they’ll watch it and cry

The generals are playing a death game of dare
With missiles in the silos and bombs in the air.
There’ll be time for anger, there’ll be time for greed
But the time shall be lost for planting the seed.


Cannons are bellowing from a ridge far away
The battle lines are forming and there’s little time to pray.
Musket balls are pelting like hailstones from the sky
I'm so full of fear cause I don 't want to die.

From beyond yonder hill comes a terrifying sound
It's the music of the buglers and there's thunder in the ground.
The fast-riding troopers have all drawn out their swords
They 're shouting and screaming as they charge up the gorge.

It's hard to believe how many make it through
As they're hacking and shooting at the boys dressed in blue.
Then come the soldier men who run upon their feet
Every time I drop one, my heart skips a beat.

There's a storm on the ground made of death, dust and smoke
My throat is so dry, I can 't help but choke.
The fury of the battle is bound to settle down
When most of the fighters lie dead on the ground.

After dark, the stretcher-bearers are afraid to search around
The wild hogs eat the wounded and I can 't stand the sound.
Come dawn, we dig ditches for all the brave, lifeless men
Then quote words from our Bible praying heaven lets them in.


America, the abundant, the place I was born
I'll cherish till the day I die.
Where the bones of past heroes lie buried in the ground
Who loved her the same as I.

Her mountains are so tall they reach for the sky
With prairies where the green grasses grow.
There's billions of trees where wild birds nest
With creatures that flourish below.

That blue gold called water with which we are blessed
As raindrops or crystallized snow
Changes to rivers and fresh water lakes
While the winds of our seasons blow.

There's the haunt of a whistle from a lonely freight train
Racing on ribbons of steel
With the harvest of farms and from the factories
Balanced in a box on a wheel.

Some cities have buildings a hundred stories tall
Structures of concrete, glass and steel.
A statue in a harbor, a present from France
Describes how inside, we feel.

That flag on the moon with red and white stripes
Proves America’s dreams come true.
A country of heroes who line up to protect
The past, the present and the few.

We’ll defeat terrorism as it should be fought
Never letting Satan’s horde chase us to our door.
Safeguarding our borders and system of life
As our forefathers sacrificed before.

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the brave, faithful and just.
Refusing to submit to the will of our enemies
Standing firm to preserve what we trust.


In their new uniforms
The young march off
Not knowing who shall return.
With a proud devotion
They brandish their flag
Leaving loved ones to wonder and yearn.

May we all be buried
By all of our children
Is an ancient tribal prayer.
They're so easy to lose
But so hard to forget
Such a burden for a parent to bear.

The taste of victory
Shall soon be forgotten
But never that which was lost.
For those rows of white headstones
In peaceful green fields
Make it easy to tally the cost.

America has survived
All attempts to destroy
Knowing the cruelty of war
And we who remain
Must help keep her free
For those who can march no more!


Where are the women who need a good man?
Where are the women with love in their hand?

Where are the children who played on the lawn?
Where are the children when mom and dad are gone?

What about the marriage that began with smiles?
What about the marriage that ended in trials?

What about the future of all involved?
What about the problems that must be solved?

Answer these questions that tear at my heart.
Answer these questions that keep us apart.


The darts of the devil fly free on the winds
And sometimes they pierce both family and friends.
Remember young Adam and his wife, Eve
When they gave into Satan, the Lord said, "leave".

Ever since then, right up to today
The devil makes sure we’ll sin in some way.
Wear all of God's armor, whatever you do
Should the darts of the devil seek out you.

Thank God for Jesus who died on the cross
Our passage to heaven was paid by His loss.
Every knee shall bow and tongues confess all
That Jesus is our Lord at His final call.

Angels will descend with Jesus in the sky
He’ll greet us with open arms when it's our time to fly.
For our Lord awaits all who believe
And those who do not, shall be told to leave.


I'm riding with an outfit
That’s loyal to its brand
I've got a gun and a rope
Which I keep close at hand.

Anyone who would harm
What belongs to the brand
They are my enemy
No matter who the man.

Never have I ever lied
Or stole from my boss
Nor let anyone else
Regardless of cost.

Late at night, beneath the stars
We sit around the fire
Drinking coffee and telling stories
About whatever we desire.

I feel the Lord cracks a smile
When he watches us cowboys
Looking up from down below
At heaven with all its glories.

Once I was so in love
I married a beautiful wife
She took ill and passed away
So I chose a cowboy's life.

My boss has a pretty wife
His family I respect
They treat me as I treat them
So their lives I shall protect.

The cowboy code can be found
On the ranches of the West
Where real men still earn their place
By being their very best.


Little baby, I love you
For you are a part of me
Each and every inch you’ll grow
I want to be there to see.

Someday you’ll chase fireflies
Who ride the breath of the winds.
Someday you'll be all grown up
And out on the town with friends.

You have your daddy 's freckles
You've got your mommy's eyes.
I pray to God every day
You’ll survive all of life's lies.

Little babies shoot up fast
As they need to stretch and grow.
They do such things as children do
In a world they’ve yet to know.

Someday you will understand
How your parents feel inside
Someday you’ll have your babies
And raise them with great pride.

Of all the gifts that life may bring
A sweet baby is still the best.
Your mom and I shall love you
Till the day we're laid to rest.


Kansas City, I love you
Where else would I want to be
But by the fountains in the parks
With my girl smiling at me.

If Shakespeare was young and alive
He'd be on a carriage ride
On the Plaza by Brush Creek
Kissing the lips of his bride.

I lived a while in New York
And I've partied in L.A.
Kansas City is my choice
For the rest of my life to stay.

You’ll find me at the Starlight
Holding the hands I love.
We just hug and watch the show
Beneath the stars above.

We love the Chiefs, the Royals
Words of Fun and the zoo
Great tasting steaks, casinos
And the world's best barbecue.


When I was young and on the farm
My favorite place to be
Was by the pond in the woods
High in a Sycamore tree.

I climbed her high
As high as I could
Built me a tree house
Out of tin and wood.

I searched the barn
And found an old chair
Then used a long rope
To pull it through the air.

I placed it inside
And sat right down
I felt like a king
With the moon as my crown.

Everywhere around me
I could see flashing lights.
The fireflies were dancing
To the breath of the nights.

Now that I’m grown with kids of my own
I stand beneath the same old tree.
What I built has long since gone
Though it's easy for me to see.


They're not from laws I've broken
Or from all the tears I've wept
Rather from vows I've given
And promises left unkept.

I've outlived my blinded youth
Though there's troubles on my mind.
Be my blessings large or small
I make an effort to be kind.

Let us help our fellows in need
With our everyday endeavor.
Let us be more like Him
Who saved our souls forever.


Life on earth is a dangerous journey
As we walk down survival's road
Fearing some day that we might suffer.
Lord, we pray you’ll lighten our load.

Our own ignorance keeps us happy
For there's so much we're not to know
Like who shall die, where, when and how
As the storms of our seasons blow.

No hope for human brotherhood
With one world, one race, one rule
We die from too much knowledge
And the greediness of a fool.

We travel now in outer space,
All continents and seven seas
As long as we're alive
We’ll search for memories.

Some day there’ll be a brand new earth
Where the righteous rule, night and day.
No tears, death, pain nor sorrow
From the world that passed away.


His handiwork is everywhere
In everything I see.
I have no need to seek Him out
For He dwells inside of me.

To me He is quite wonderful
His blessings sustain us all.
Every day testing our strength
With problems, both great and small.

With borrowed light His moon shines down
Upon a sinner such as me.
I'm well aware of what takes place
As I pray on bended knee.

God is my Lord King Divine
Who created my every part.
His guiding light shines from aloft
As He speaks from within my heart.


Wise men learn more from watching fools
Than fools do from watching wise men.
I should know for I've been both
I can 't believe how lucky I've been.

Everyday as I speak out
With verse I come alive.
My lust for life shall be fulfilled
As another day I survive.

I take the clay of every day
And mold it to my fashion.
All I need is my true love
Whose heart flows free with passion.

I thank the Lord who watches us
For blessings which are mine
That I’m festive, fit and free
To love my wife who's sweeter than wine.


The gulls have gone long ago
As we sail a peaceful sea.
The skies are blue, soft and kind
Where else would we wish to be.

Late at night, as we embrace
In front of a reggae band.
You kiss me, and then you whisper
"I want to be alone with my man."

A little after midnight
We both slip away.
In such of some time
For the games lovers play.

Alone in our cabin
Your skin is so soft.
I’m just that angel
Who fell from aloft.

After twenty-five years
Of our love has gone
It's a honeymoon cruise
We find ourselves on.

May the Lord show mercy
On any of those
Who have never been loved
Or ever been chose.


Oh, bear with me for I am old
And lucky to still be alive.
My years have passed much too fast
Though somehow I survive.

Sadly soon my dreams will end
And my life shall disappear.
Like so many of those gone before
Whose death made them more dear.

My past has not been lily-white
For I've broken some Golden Rules
The laws of God and of nature
Like so many other fools.

If I repent, my parson said
My sins shall be forgiven
Not to wait until too late
And miss my bus to heaven.


We were just the best of friends
I knew him all my life.
I'm sure that he, towards the end
Found out I love his wife.

He drove his car right off a cliff
And crashed into the sea.
I know it was no accident
For a skillful driver was he.

He must have found our letters
Of love that shouldn’t be.
He's the type to harm himself
Instead of killing me.

As I looked in his wife's eyes
She sadly said to me
Instead of us, he killed himself
Because of lovers, such as we.

Lord, have mercy on our souls
For her husband, my friend, has died!
No one else may ever know
But God how much we've lied.


I had a bitter enemy
Whose heart to hate he gave.
He made no secret of the fact
He planed to vandalize my grave.

One day I couldn't help but smile
As the Sunday paper I read.
Despite of all his loud boasting
My worst adversary was dead!

The hatred pumping through his heart
Must have brought about his doom.
He lost his chance to laugh at me
As he would dance on my tomb.

The other day I drove by
The place he lies alone.
I found it’s easy to forgive
When your foe is dust and bone.


My job is in the open air
And, Lord, I love the work I do
For flowers are my joy of life
Though their beauty belongs to you.

Your flowers are so lovely
Yet, I'm ugly, wrinkled and old.
I've lived beyond my mortal span
As the days I have left unfold.

Your lilies are my pride of life
And many of them there be.
They're worth a fortune, people say
Though money has little worth to me.

Their glory is my just reward
As their radiant heads they raise.
I dedicate them to you, oh Lord
With all my love and praise.


Three times I've had the lust to kill
To clutch the throat of someone fair
To squeeze it tight with all my might
'Till no breath of being is there.

Many times I drove the demon out
Though his sweat was on my brow.
I know quite well he shall return
Someday, somewhere, somehow.

I know I'm mad but should I tell
And let the doctors care for me?
They’ll throw me in a padded cell
And toss away the key.

Oh, how short my life has been
For I'm just twenty-two
As I run with Satan himself
There's but one thing to do.

Every night my foul friend's back
I fear he shall prevail.
So, here I lie between the tracks
With my head on the rail.

I hear the sound of a distant train
I feel its thunder on the roll.
I pray it crushes my sick brain
And may God show mercy on my soul.


God must love people in love
Or He wouldn't make so many.
Those who claim it's a mental disease
Have never been loved by any.

Love is stronger than life itself
And jealousy more cruel than the grave.
Men and women have loved one another
Since they spent their nights in a cave.

When the hands of love touch the strings of souls
There’ll be babies on the way.
That's the basic rules of life
No matter what games we play.

Like the flowers in the fields we shed our shields
To be warmed by the sun.
We live our lives the best we can
Till death catches us on the run.


A good poem paints a picture
For both your heart and brain.
It doesn't need a second chance
To make its meaning plain.

A good poem is like the flower
The lily or the rose.
God plants it in a poet's brain
And there its beauty grows.

A good poem like a cardinal
Is pregnant with song
You can’t help but hear its message
As it sings what's right or wrong.

A good poem helps us remember
What the joys of life are for
It makes us want to love someone
Till death comes knocking at our door.


Oh, I love my momma
She’s the reason I’m alive.
Her total love for me
Has made her struggle and strive.

Jesus had a momma
Who bore Him in a cave.
She couldn’t help but love Him
From His birth to the grave.

Should I hang on the highest hill
My momma would be there.
I know her love would follow me
My Angel of despair.

Her hair is now all silver
As I hold her fingers, worn.
Oh, God, bless this wrinkled brow
From whose body I was born.


Our ship had sailed before the dawn
Surrounded by the thickest of fog
Still ignorant of our destination
Or what was written in the captain's log.

It didn't take long for me to see
Our cruise was not for fun
An experience of a lifetime
With nowhere for us to run.

Twenty knots per hour we cruised
As the white caps passed us by
Ten thousand young Americans
Off to Europe to die.

A sailor told us not to worry
Someday we’d get our mail.
Uncle Sam would make sure
No matter how far we sail.

Thirty feet deep I tried to sleep
Beneath our ship's waterline
Just the place for claustrophobia
To enter into my mind.

My favorite vest was my May West
Which I wore all the time
Just in case of German U-boats
Or an underwater mine.

Thirty-three days we were at sea
We crossed the equator twice.
Many years have passed since then
Those years of sacrifice.


You 're the full moon of my nights
And the sunshine of my day
Like a queen upon her throne
You rule what I do and say.

It's God who makes us beautiful
And the Devil who makes us mean
It all depends on whom we follow
Which way our lives shall lean.

With one foot in the future
And one foot in the past
Let us try to live our days
As though each was our last.

You're the wild rose of my life
My flower of desire
Made by God for me alone
Out of earth, stars and fire.


Man's inhumanity
Makes countless thousands mourn
A piece of earth made to live
We've earned our Father's scorn.

We're the bad boys of the planet
Who walk in shoes upright
We differ only in our posture
From beasts that feast at night.

After death our name lives on
In the records of our nation
Or in the genes of a child
A rebirth of creation.

Let us pray as he grows
He learns to be a man
Strong in mind, big in heart
With the good book in his hand.


Life's a book written through
Where the pages are the years.
There's good, evil, false and true
With laughter, sweat, and tears.

Our days are songs composed by God
As we set them to music with pleasure.
His cup of life is for us to drink
Though, He, decides the measure.

Hurried and worried, dawn till dusk
There's no time for a curtain call.
We burn our candles from both ends
And we're lucky to be alive at all.

Cards are shuffled and hands are dealt
For all to place their bets.
Youthful blunders, adulthood struggles
And old age with its regrets.

It matters not, how long we live
But more, how well we play our part.
For the road to heaven is always near
As long as there's truth in our heart.


Great souls by instinct
To each other turn
As side by side
Their lessons they learn.

One soul in two bodies
Describes a good Friend
One who will need you
Till God's angels descend.

Prosperity makes us lots of friends
Though adversity rids us of most.
What few we keep, we always love
Long after they are but ghost.

Out of the night, which covers us
It's easy to see where friends are made
Among the stars, behind the moon
Where heaven begins its parade.


The joy of life is like a fading flower
And the wrath of death is to shrivel and decay.
Committing our spirits to either right or wrong
Simply by how we choose to live our night or day.

After death the wicked cease to be troublesome
And all who are weary have forever to rest.
People who apply their heart to seek out wisdom
Are lovingly remembered by all they have blessed.

Let there be no sad farewell after we have gone
Hopefully to heaven, where worthy souls live on.
Searching for reunion with others we once knew
Be they Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Jew.


As war is fought it takes charge
And events spin out of control.
The madness of men can alter the soil
Which nourishes the roots of their soul.

Many things will forever change
Far more then wished to be.
As the wrath of war starts to destroy
Those things we fight to keep free.

War is the greatest plague of man,
Religion, state and sanity.
Any scourge is more preferred
Than the one which disables humanity.

When war breaks out, boundaries change
And all who die are a token
Of the rage that must run it's course
Before words of peace are spoken.


A mind may see a thousand eyes
Though the heart yearns for two
When the eyes we love have up and gone
To the arms of someone new.

Eyes that twinkle, I distrust
For they are the distant stars.
Eyes in love have a steady glow
Like Venus, the Moon or Mars.

Eyes of love, like planets at night
Use borrowed light to shine.
Eyes are the living lenses
To the camera of our mind.

Eyes tend to believe themselves
Like the blind love of mothers.
Eyes speak without words
To the hearts and souls of others.


No rope or cable can hold so tight
What love can do with twine.
No kiss can taste so bittersweet
As the one which captures our mind.

The first sign of love is the last of wisdom
As eager hearts fulfill desire.
Love is just a staple of life
Though heaven sparks the fire.

Heaven knows no rage like love
Once to hatred it has turned.
How wise are we who are such fools
Who forget the lessons we've learned.

Love, indeed, descends from heaven
Like a shooting star across the sky.
Love sometimes stirs the dust
Till tears fall free from the eye.


As cold autumn winds strip the trees
Melancholy days have arrived.
Most flowers, already are frosted brown
Though mums are the last to survive.

There's lots of fog on the windows
As the shorter days lose their light.
The year has changed into its wine
When our days are shadowed by night.

Flowers, butterflies, trees and bees
Have all gone dormant till the spring.
Dead leaves rustle as children play
In the absence of birds that sing.

Winter to spring, spring to summer
It's time for those fall symphonies.
The leaves all plummet to the ground
As the wind plays tunes with the trees.


Over the heads of all I meet
Falls winter's life giving snow.
Upon the rooftops and the streets
Filling the sky and earth below.

Dancing, swirling, skimming along,
Like the snows of yesteryears.
There's lots of ice on the windows
As my lashes freeze over with tears.

It's so cold; it's too cold to snow
Yet the snow continues to fall.
The land is covered blanket white
As the winter winds wail their call.

There's a red-hot fire awaiting me
That will thaw out my every part.
It's not the glow of a fireplace
But the love that dwells in my heart.


God may place us in deep waters
But He doesn't wish us to drown.
Adversity shows us ourselves
As to others we smile or frown.

There's no better teacher in life
Than the troubles which come our way.
Adversity strengthens our minds
As we think what to do and say.

Constant success shows but one side
Of the world we find ourselves in.
Adversity teaches us all
That people love, hate, lust and sin.


The songbirds sing as skies turn pink
While the brightest stars fade away
One by one I watch them vanish
As the sun gives birth to the day.

The scent of dawn is so fresh
As flowers make ready to bloom.
The dew sparkles upon the grass
While the morning dissolves my gloom.

A flock of geese circle above
In search of some rest and a meal.
I watch them land upon a lake
As inside, how lucky I feel.

The moon's still high upon its throne
As it orbits across the sky.
I know that I shall love earth's dawns
Till the day in my grave, I lie.


On my knees, with folded hands
I thank the Lord each day
For when I think of life itself
It makes me want to pray.

Most of my friends are dead and gone
You’ll find flowers where they lay.
I know that some of them
To heaven found their way.

So many times I've looked up
To heaven in the night
Asking answers from our Lord
Who's always in my sight.

Any day could be my last
There's no time to fuss or fight.
There's just time to be loved
Who cares who's wrong or right.


Rainy days are a gift of life
As they water the thirsty of earth
When nature sometimes weeps with joy
Like a father who watches a birth.

Rainbows of color arch the sky
As storms prepare to part
The sound of thunder shakes the ground
As heaven speaks to my heart.

When storm filled skies are dark and gray
That's when I yearn to strive.
Rainy days make some feel sad
But for me, I feel so alive.


Heaven's stars are the works of God
The scriptures of His night sky.
After sunsets golden-red glow
They 're there to captivate the eye.

No one can see beneath their feet
As heaven's pearls ignite their souls.
To be as one with their Maker
Is the highest of human goals.

Blessed be the candies of night
Which guide the sailors at sea.
Bathing earth with their soft glow
For all who love them, as we!


Twilight skies turn orange, pink and gray
As the stars watch the dying day.
The winds of night now stir the breeze
While most birds roost in bushes or trees.

The fireflies glide above the grass
As bullfrogs sing to torment bass.
Soon the moon will circle high
Beneath its cape of star-filled sky.

The twilight is first evening's bell
A time of peace when all is well.
Another day has come and gone
Not to return until the dawn.


Where would I be without you dad
My hero of night and day?
I'm so glad you love my mother
And take time for us to pray.

The last time we played baseball
You reached for me with your hand.
I looked at you, then made a wish
That I might be just half the man.

I love my father of earth,
And I love my Father of heaven.
It's a lot for me to love, you know
For I’m only eleven.

Mom and I sure miss you
Since you left to defend our flag.
When others ask, where is your dad
I can't help but boast and brag.


An angry man opens his mouth
And shuts his mind to reason.
He who stays slow to anger
Is loved by more each season.

Anger snuffs the lamp of thought
And it's hard to stay serene.
Where anger rules hatred thrives
Then the world we love turns mean.

He who fans the coals of hate
Has no reason to complain.
If some hot sparks scorch his face
His anguish is thus his pain.

Anger is a human madness
Which consumes the heart and mind.
He who rules his spirit with love
Shall be praised by all mankind.


Come to me with just your love
And I will pledge you mine.
Feel my lips and share my glass
And we shall sip red wine.

You're the red rose of my day
And the lily of my night.
Nothing is so grand in life
As when you seize me tight.

Love's uncertain future is
Where mankind's torments dwell
With both it's pain and pleasure
Our lust is alive and well.


Some of us are as God planned
Though many are far worse.
Our characters are not of marble
So the devil may work his curse.

Fame is what we steal or take
Character is what we give.
To this truth we must awake
So we might begin to live.

There is some good in all of us
Which may not show at first.
With good character of heart and soul
We prepare ourselves for the worst.

Show me a liar and you have found a thief
Whose character is controlled by hell.
They love what's wrong and hate what's right
And they're lucky they're not all in jail.


The hanging tree the hanging tree
A great big cottonwood that waits for me.
Just out of town by Old Boot Hill
Where they’ll take my body and a grave they’ll fill.

Now, I don't know, but I was told
They’ll use a slow horse and a rope that's old.
Lord, have mercy on a sinner's soul
To end up in heaven was always my goal.

It's true; I’ve stole a horse or two
Even after pledging to you.
I've drank to much and loved to many
Became plain stupid and spent every penny.

Come first light I’ll greet my fate
For the hangman and I have a early date.
I'll mumble and stumble then hold my breath
As I pray for God's grace after my death.


The earliest art we know
Was painted on the walls of caves.
Man has a strange uniqueness
With art his image he saves.

Art was used to show greatness
Of pharaohs, kings and queens
Who held tight to their titles
By the use of any means.

Greeks and Macedonians
Carved statues of themselves
To stand by pools of water
Or to perch upon their shelves.

The art of the Dark Ages
Left something behind to tell
That heaven looked quite good
To those whose life was hell.


Pioneers learned to adapt
To their strange demands of life
From the moment they left home
With their wagon, children and wife.

The lone hunter of the past
Was just a man who wandered.
He returned with pelts and stories
Of campsites by the hundred.

Pioneer families planted corn
For they intended to stay.
Hostile Indians waged their war
As both sides lost loves each day.

Mother, father and each child
Had their duties to survive.
Exposed to the harsh frontier
They learned to struggle and strive.

They carved their place in history
With their lives, prayers, sweat and tools
The builders of roads, towns, cities,
Churches, bridges, mills and schools.


Man has dreamed of flying high
Since birds first avoided his spear.
Not until nineteen-o-three
Was it done despite his fear.

With gasoline and engine,
Propellers and wings for lift
The Wright brothers flew their plane
And gave mankind their gift.

Many countries built their planes
As our world became insane.
Planes were used in two world wars
With bombs and bullets to rain.

Now we fly in outer space
In search of life's creation.
Though most succeed, some will die
Pioneers of aviation.

Nothing else man can conceive
Is more luring than God's sky.
To be as one with the stars
Is the wish of all who fly.


In 1860 life was good
Till its simpleness ceased one day.
The North wished to save the Union
While the South chose to break away.

America was torn apart
As six hundred thousand died.
Throughout four years of total war
Women without husbands cried.

The sad fact of the Civil War
Is what was left at its end.
Too many times, man's evil acts
Destroyed both foe and friend.

The problem was, once it began
There was no peace or compromise.
Total victory must be proclaimed
Before rage would leave men’s eyes.

Destroy all that helps the enemy
Was the cry of either side.
Anything to obtain victory
As death on horseback did ride.

Black men dressed in old uniforms
Became the Union's reserve.
They fought and died for their freedom
And their rights they earned and deserve.

Lifestyles would forever change
For all who survived the war
It had ended as it began
With sadness, misery and more.

Both sides prayed to the same God
And spoke words from the Bible.
The prayers of both were not answered
For all involved were liable.


You're the bone of my bones
Who I love for my wife.
The flesh of my flesh
And my partner in life.

For me to have and to hold
For better or for worse.
To love and to cherish
Though we might fight and curse.

Be I richer or poorer
Till death makes us part
I will give you great portions
Of my soul and my heart.

Heaven won't be heaven
If I don 't see you there
May the first to go
Be me, is my prayer.

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
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